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Guys i had light out for like 4 hrs during the day, i just finished a run, and to be honest i hate it, so i won’t upload a crappy mix, just for uploading, im leaving tomorrow morning till tuesday, i might mix where im going, if i do and its good ill upload the mix, sry guys i really tried, but im to tired to go for another run and is almost 12:00 in here and the neighboors will kill me.

Hope yo bring something fresh by next week



Ok for real what is next

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Ok guys here is deal im finishing my semester in less than a month, but i seen i havent uploaded anything in more than a month, im leaving this weekend to a trip, i will try an mix if i have the time and patience. Because to be honest i want to mad party. But i have all the songs that i need for a really comercial mix. Which will include A LOT of Guetta, jesus his songs have been playing everywhere and all the time, so yeah after a hell of petitions of my friends, i will do it. The mix as said before will include really commercial songs, the We no speak americano of YBC, Van buuren, Tiesto, Dash Berlin, yeah all those guys. And afterwars im going to jump to a really really random mix, the idea in my head is something like “how about if we mix ska then we move to lounge, from lounge to house and then…” i havent quite figured it out, but im working on it. Been listening to a lot of non-electronic music latelly, im trying to cover some new ground in order to make something fresh and new. So by next week a 1hr mix will be up here. Then most likely i will be in the last push of my semester, but as soon as im finished, i will upload the mix im experementing with and 2 other mixes, one i have it already planned and im really looking foward to it, the other one well it really depends on my mood cant really tell.

So im going to get my ass up early tomorrow and mix at least for an hour to try and get something fresh out, if i do, ill upload it before i leave to school. If i dont wait for it on friday morning.

For the people who has been logging daily or every other day thanx… Remember to go to soundcloud.com/redxxx to listen to Priux i will be taking the song down by next week, so if you want to listen a bit of what i do, before downloading the whole song id go there. And remember that if you want priux on a higher quality to email me. to redxxxd@gmail.com i open that mail every like 3 days, so if i dont answer right away be patient, if i still dont answer i might have mixed up with all the shit fb send to your mail. So please send me another one. Thanx again



Future news and stuff

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Guys i have to be honest i’m on finals in college and in some stressful times in the work. I haven’t been able to get the music, or even listen to all the new work, i have like 35 charts pending because i havent been able to get the music. If works keeps flowing like this i wont be able to upload any mix with new music, mainly because i dont have the music. On the other hand i started working on something personal. I have been listening a lot to “Los autenticos decadentes” and I want to mix em, probably with fabullosos cadillacs and any music i feel will fit the task.

I never done this before, in fact in Priux the change from progressive to Emir Kusturica and back to house with sexiest man in Jamaica. Was the first time i actually tried to work my ass on doing that, and i really liked it, so I’m willing to go ahead and make some new test with cheerful music.

I’m going to try to make time, in order to get some new music, i really feel I’m falling back, and have heard some great tracks, and some interesting charts. If I’m able to get at least 45 good songs i will try and make to mixes. But then again it all depends on the pressure and the free time i have.

The page has increases its daily views which makes me really happy, and i feel like im letting you down by not posting anything, so i will do my best, to get some music. This weekend it will be really hard. But who knows i might surprise you. In the mean time i remind you that you can hear my last mix in my soundcloud profile, just visit soundcloud.com/redxxx or you can download it in the link below. In the soundcloud page you can’t download the mix. The player is kinda of funky… i have been clicking play and it takes a while before it reacts, but be patient the track is actually there, and its the full track.

Anyway have a great one guys.



Soundcloud and future news

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Guys i will be uploading my mixes in Sound Cloud player at Soundcloud.com my alias RedXxx. I’m buying an account probably next week, depends on the week finances. Also i’m about to start my page, it will take a while since I’m going to be sitting with the designers, to the every last detail, but I’m happy this project has finally started. On the mixing side i working on 3 projects, a 70’s mix, for my mother and maybe for getting me a job in the wedding business, (haha), also starting to get the songs, to try and do a conceptual mix, but that is not all, I’m already getting the new songs for the typical mix, the genres will be techno and house mostly. But I’m still need to get like 20+ charts of music. Because i want new material. lots and lots of new songs. Depending on how fast i get the tracks is the next mix. I will be posting and 30 min mix prob this weekend but on Thursday i will confirm this.

Soundcloud link http://soundcloud.com/redxxx

Have a great week



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Guys finaly is here Priux… it took me a while to upload because i kept feeling the mix was incomplete so i had to find some songs that i felt would make the mix supreme. This mix once again varies in the genre in electronic, i’d say house is probably the main genre during the mix, it includes 30 songs in 1hr and 30 minutes. This mix is made for parting you brains out. As said before i worked on several stuff during the making of this song the main one was including a track that is not electronic at all, and is hard to mix because it goes to damn fast. The artist is Emir Kusturica and the song is called Unza Unza Times, it comes from his CD with the same name as the track. Mixing that track was a challenge, and i was enthusiastic about the outcome. The mix is pretty straight foward, keeps changing all the time in order to not being repetitive or boring, it has songs that we all heard, and that most of us know to go and sing along for the people who missed that in my mixes. Yes i read your comments and mails and even though i might not answer is not floating ideas trust me. The mix is divided for me in two main phases, the first hour of the mix, i more into a lot of rhythms, the second 30 minutes i concentrated more on tracks that people would easily remember and hopefully remind of great times, great old times.

I want to add im working now on a new webpage, with some player for you to stream my music, and on some more commercial material, because i been getting a lot that you want another mix like Casona one, with a lot of commercial songs, so yeah I’m working on it, so if you are a fan of Tiesto, David Guetta or song with rhythms like we don’t speak americano and miami beach, be sure to keep logging in the next two weeks, i will sure have some news.

Other than that I want to keep thanking you for your mails, and i want to ask you that if you have been pleased with any of the downloads or all of them, to share this song, this time i took the precautions of uploading it on low quality, (128kbps) I will send the (192kbps) by email, but you need to email me first at dv.redXxx@gmail.com or redxxxd@gmail.com. And I’m sorry but the 320kbps mix i will only deliver it personally and for commercial purposes.
And im sorry to say this but i have download RedMur and Before I Go mixes from different webpages, which im fine, but with a different name, which I’m not fine at all.  So quality of the mix is my only defense from piracy.

Also i have been receiving some mails of uploading a Rar file with all the songs that i use for a mix. I have considered it, and tell you this i might do it, but i will only leave the link for 2 or 3 days. And then I’m closing it. But right now I’m not uploading any RAR file I’m still thinking about it, you see i don’t want to get in any trouble or get my accounts in direct downloads servers closed. But i will see in the future.

Anyway guys please do share this song, please do so im trying to build up a more solid fan base.

The playlist is

The password is Iwillenjoyit

And the a waited link right Here

Enjoy the song and SHARE IT



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This friday i will be uploading the file for the 3rd mix made during the competition and the last one i send. By now if you have both previous mixes you might realize that the last song the first mix is the same one as the first song from the second mix…. this was made un purpose i thought of making a long mix for my 5 years, RedMur is the last mix i have finished right now, im currently getting the songs for the fourth mix. After all the mixes are done, i will stich em together to make a huge mix, im thinking it will be closing to 7 hours, since the last mix will be longer.

This mix is really worth your time, i promise, is something im proud and is the new standard for the mixes that i am doing, closing in to all the precision i can. And keeping the party mood. In this mix i really tried to follow a bit the style of Fatboy Slim, particularry in the big beach boutique DVD, tried to look for songs like that, Big Beach Boutique has been an inspiration for me, i love that dvd, watch parts every now and then before a party.

Today finally the mix will be up, with the playlist and password, a couple of things this is my second greatest mix, is probably the new level zero for me to evolve, the mix focuses on being a party from the start, it jumps from genres, but sticks to house, techno, Tech-house and a bit of minimal, to be more of a contrast to La Mazcla, considering that this mix is the continuation to it. As said this is intended to be a mix made by 4 different mixes. This being the third one, i haven’t really decided how the mix will end, I’m considering to go into a more chill-out or conceptual electronic music, and jump from that to pure party beats, but to be honest from 350 different tracks i listened, i liked about 7 so far. I have another great mix ready, so for the people craving the mixes, there is some material for the 15th, but most likely the fourth mix will be released if i have it by the end of October.

Guys i will REALLY appreciate all the feed back i can get from you, this mix is really important for me to get an opinion, in basically everything, im taking mixing a bit more serious, because i have a lot to get done, so all is welcome, ALL.

Finally the next mix to upload is based on the three past mixes, (Before I Go, La Mazclea, RedMur) but is an updated version, keeping the best of all and adding some more. It has some special stuff, like mixing Emir Kusturica which was sort of a challenge at first, but now it is definitly something i will consider, the change is coming, the change to something greater, hope you all keep visiting to listen to it.

The  Playlist


Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XQ0KBWOA

The Password MurRed



La Mazclea

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I’m uploading the next song, last weekend i didn’t cause it was Mexico Bicentenary so i went away to a trip, it was great… I’m not proud of out 200 years to be honest. Anyway… This song is the second version of an original called La Mazcla, fundamentally i chose to upload this version because, it was the real final version, and in the old mix, one song got repeated from the last mix “Before I Go”, this was something i notice later on after sending the mix to the tournament and i almost got disqualified, but fortunately i had the time to make and emergency mix and try to keep the essence of what the mix was really intended.

The mix was intended to be more tribal, rather than sticking to a solid beat like in Before I Go, i made to be sort of a mix for late night at the beach.

If you have been following the new mixes which has been one mainly “Before I Go” and “Aeris” you might find some parts in “Aeris” that are very similar to some parts in La Mazclea that is because in Aeris those were the parts i felt were really strong and worth taking to the mix for the competition. Also you might find that the last song in Before I Go is the same one as the start on La Mazclea this was made un purpose with the intention of joining 4 mixes together in a huge mix. Therefore La Mazclea is following were “Before I Go” finished, and will lead to the 3rd mix called RedMur, but more on that when i post RedMur.

I will be posting RedMur in 2 weekends starting this as cero. For me to have time to give the appropriate ending to this line of mixes, in which i have experimented way way more than before, had tried hard to make em almost perfect, and played with some new genres for me. Critism is more than appreciate as long as it is constructive. So please if you feel like sending a comment do so, they will stay anonymous. And i will answer to you personally rather than in public, so feel that you have the space and privacy to comment. Anyway guys the playlist is:

Playlist La Mazclea


The link is HERE


Enjoy, and please, please if you want to share my music, please re-direct people to the blog so i can keep numers on the downloads and have a clear view on which mix the the one you have liked the most. Share the page is faster than burning a CD 😉


Ten tracks you MUST have

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For some time i been listening to people to recommend them 10 tracks i feel they are the best of the best. And its really hard because new music keeps coming all the time, and there are some really old tunes that are either rare, hard to find, or you just missed them till later on, so keeping this 10 tracks you must have in mind that some songs are old, or have at least 3 months out, and some maybe even more time, but great tracks, can jump over time barriers, and in this case they will. So here is to the first post of 10 tracks you must have.

10. The Cat / The Kitten (Crookers Remix) by Dusty Kid

This song is old, very old, but it is a great track non the less. The original track was really great, but this remix is something really special, the song changes so much in between which makes it a really interesting track, but more over that it has a lot of spots where you can mix another track with no difficulty at all. Great track.

9. PS you rock (Spektre Remix) by Marc De Pulse

Also kind of old, this track is sweetness from the start, very energetic track, but the great deal out of this track, is the build up, it has two. The first one is pretty cool, but the second one, you could make it epic, by adding some delays and distortions, while you were slowly mixing a new track. But even if you didn’t mix another track and just use the effects to create something epic, the track gave you everything u need. And man that second build seriously one of the best ones ever.

8. Mother Fucking Bass (Popof Remix 2) by Dj Rush

First off Popof is already a guarantee everytime you see his name in Beatport is clear that a monster track is there, his style is unique, most of the people can easily tell if a track is his, i guess is the voice he keeps sampling that is cut, or i dunno… anyway this track had to remixes and both were sweet. But i had to put number two, the reason i love the start, even though that the track is going pretty fast (i think is like 135 bpm) the song rocks, it was my alarm to wake up early and go to class, and it took a long time before i hated it. The start is just perfect. The first Remix is also a must have but if you had to choose.. i say leap to number 2.

7. Grindhouse (Dubfre Terror Planet Remix) by  Radio Slave

This track is hard that you missed it, it was very very popular, and it was a great track, it had one of those beats that you can explain why but you start to dance, has some great buildups, and the start of the track is plane simple so you can easily mix it. The start is quite dark and very epic, the moment you heard it, it was really clear that party was about to get started.

6. Take Over (Original Mix) by Glitter

I must be honest, the first time i played this track, i was crapping my pants, i loved all the sounds, it instantly turned into one of my favorite songs, what can i say a great epic track. I guess is one of the tracks you keep thinking it will be a master piece in 5.1

5 Kinky Beats by La Baaz & Kara Mehl

This track is a master piece is the type of songs you either put when people need to dance more, or people just need to jumps out of their chairs and start dancing, and the name is pretty good, in fact you can dance pretty well Kinky beats with you couple vertically and horizontally. The only thing this track lets you wishing for, is actually seeing La Baaz dancing it hardcore, guess we will never had that chance.

4. Body Nation by Lutzenkirchen

Man i love the beat of this track, it sets me to dance, even if not moving, i now my brain is dancing to this masterpiece of a track, the only thing i found not so great about this track, is that is so good that few tracks are as good as this one, so mixing it can become a bit of a pain in the ass, if you dont really know well you playlist.

3. Little Patiece (Original Mix) D-Nox & Gabe

To be quite honest, i didn’t check the real potencial of this track until i listen to it, in big ass speakers. The beat is a monster, the track is so easy to mix, you don’t have to worry about. And i know, lots of you (friends) will think I’m a D-Nox fan, he had to be there, and yes i am, but lets admit it, the guy rocks, and when he is with Beckers, you better be ready cause they will be mixing at least 5hours. This track is an absolute beauty

2. Tarantula  (Original Mix) by Plesurekraft

Lets admit it, when this track came out, you wanted to cry, it was so good. And it was reflected very fast, i remember it being on a lot of Dj charts, and i think it was the number one in downloads in Beatport for some time, and I’m sure it made it to the top 10 in techno, is a must have track.

1. On Off (Original Mix) by Cirez D

When i first heard this track, i was having a real trouble finding out if it was real, or the Dj was going crazy, later on fortunately i heard the song in another party, and realize this beauty was a song, so i did a massive search in tracks and finally got to the song. This song is the best of this year for me, i got this sing on march, and since then i feel is epic. The remix made Sebastian Ledger is pretty good too. I a MUST have song. I recommend it to the max.

Well that is the month top MUST have tracks, at the end of september ill post, other songs you must have. Keep in mind that songs I’m putting in this list not necessarily have to be new, its just the song i believe you must have.

Have a great week.

And for the song “Before I Go” ill upload it at night, i forgot my computer and the file is in there >.<


Before I Go

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Finally the end of August is here, August was a great month in mixing, from June i believe i made some mayor improvements in my style. Tonight ill leave uploading the mix “Before I Go” this mix was recorder live at a private party i was invited with an extreme short notice, i was advice like 20 minutes before they picked me up. But fortunately it was a very fluent mix, and used it as my first demo in the Dj competition, it was accepted. This mix brings me back a lot of great memories, it was a mix that for my surprise made all the people in the party dance, and a lot were really into the music, also while doing this mix I met probably the sexiest amateur DJ i met in my entire life, because lets face it a girl with some big ass headphones that knows how to mix properly is quite a dream. The girl from the video of “Chica Bomb” by Dan Balan is a great example, makes you smile the whole video no matter the track really sucks. Anyway… This mix was very fluent, i often feel that there is a graph sort of the risk, income one. The more risk you play you have the chance of bigger earnings, but then again you are risking a bigger lose. In mixing i feel is the same, when you are practicing in your home, there is no risk so you tend to do try all the stupid and crazy stuf that comes into your head, and when it works well sometimes you have just found something unique. But when you are mixing live you tend to be very conservative, in order to make the least mistakes possible, if not to avoid all of them, and DJ do that a lot.

I had the chance to listen to really important DJ’s in a very short time, mostly  because they are invited to two big festivals, while they are in Mexico, and i recall feeling the mix a lot alike the past one. And i understand this, they are flying around a lot, and listening to new music, while traveling great distances to play it just like that in a show where you have a lot of people waiting for you, probably is not the best, what you want to do is get a great job done, and for that you tend to move to the terrain you have practiced. With that said, this mix i was doing so good, and was so happy and the people were so energetic, that i felt like i was on E, even though i was completely sober. So i took last minute decision that popped into my head, fortunately the mix was a success from beginning to end.

Now a bit about the mix, the mix is focused on making people party, it flows in the genres of techno, minimal and house. To be honest i focused on songs that this sick beat that is so loud is trembles, the type of beats that make the earth shake to its foundation. No… but really i looked for a really strong beat, but i was focused also on another thing, the mix had to change a lot, i tried that the song that was after the one playing was really different so you never felt bored. I try to be really precise with one song to the other one, and in fact there are some changes there that if i had been slow by a beat, it would have been a mess.

When i stopped the blog for a while i was concentrated on having a unique style of mixing, like a clear unique, its hard to talk about being unique when you are mixing, and not producing because pretty much any good DJ can make an almost copy of what you are doing, but i tend to defend that the style of Dj is a signature, and i wanted to make myself a different one, so i started working a lot on precision, and on the idea that all the music is material. And I’m keeping that. I believe this mix is the first of a new phase of what I’m teaching myself, and I’m glad to share it with you.

Hope you like the mix

NOTE THE PLAYLIST, FILE, AND PASSWORD WILL BE WRITTEN ONCE THE FILE IS UP. The mix will be uploaded in 192kbps, i won’t upload any mixes of 320 kbps unless they are requested and ill mail them personally; this is to try to avoid finding my mixes in other Dj forums. And i just want to ask you PLEASE DO NOT upload the file somewhere else, if people like it please give em a link to my page. Visits in the blog is what makes me keep a bit of track of how the general public is accepting my music.

The link is HERE

The password is RedgoXxx



Tout Va de Huevos

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Ok, i worked fast on getting a playlist ready of an old mix, not so old but certainly from at least 6 or 7 months. Is a 1hr 19min mix, it barely fits in a CD, this mix i just made it a practice, wanted to try jumping from one genre to another, and it was accomplished in an OK way. The mix goes from minimal to progressive, hitting a lot of genres in the way but sticking to the techno, tech-house, and tech-minimal that i love so much. I’m pleased to say that in two weeks from now i will start updating the mix of the competition.I will update every two weeks one mix, finishing in two months with the four mixes sent to the competition. I have done 3 so far and passed. Im currently getting the music for the fourth one. And i will probably be mixing it in the next couple of weeks.

On the other hand I’m making a list of 40 must hear tracks, and i will keep doing this as a top ten from now on, the songs can be old or new, I’m not putting a standard. I just want to share with all of you the tracks i feel are amazing. And i will start working on some Dj references. But for now i leave you with this mix. Remember is not great but is ok, is enjoyable.

The playlist

The link can be found HERE

The password is: todovadehuevos

I bee recently moving around Last fm app for apple, i haven’t had the time to fully understand it, but once i get a station going, i will update it here to you. Enjoy the mix, and please be patient for two weeks for the next mix to come.