Ten tracks you MUST have

For some time i been listening to people to recommend them 10 tracks i feel they are the best of the best. And its really hard because new music keeps coming all the time, and there are some really old tunes that are either rare, hard to find, or you just missed them till later on, so keeping this 10 tracks you must have in mind that some songs are old, or have at least 3 months out, and some maybe even more time, but great tracks, can jump over time barriers, and in this case they will. So here is to the first post of 10 tracks you must have.

10. The Cat / The Kitten (Crookers Remix) by Dusty Kid

This song is old, very old, but it is a great track non the less. The original track was really great, but this remix is something really special, the song changes so much in between which makes it a really interesting track, but more over that it has a lot of spots where you can mix another track with no difficulty at all. Great track.

9. PS you rock (Spektre Remix) by Marc De Pulse

Also kind of old, this track is sweetness from the start, very energetic track, but the great deal out of this track, is the build up, it has two. The first one is pretty cool, but the second one, you could make it epic, by adding some delays and distortions, while you were slowly mixing a new track. But even if you didn’t mix another track and just use the effects to create something epic, the track gave you everything u need. And man that second build seriously one of the best ones ever.

8. Mother Fucking Bass (Popof Remix 2) by Dj Rush

First off Popof is already a guarantee everytime you see his name in Beatport is clear that a monster track is there, his style is unique, most of the people can easily tell if a track is his, i guess is the voice he keeps sampling that is cut, or i dunno… anyway this track had to remixes and both were sweet. But i had to put number two, the reason i love the start, even though that the track is going pretty fast (i think is like 135 bpm) the song rocks, it was my alarm to wake up early and go to class, and it took a long time before i hated it. The start is just perfect. The first Remix is also a must have but if you had to choose.. i say leap to number 2.

7. Grindhouse (Dubfre Terror Planet Remix) by  Radio Slave

This track is hard that you missed it, it was very very popular, and it was a great track, it had one of those beats that you can explain why but you start to dance, has some great buildups, and the start of the track is plane simple so you can easily mix it. The start is quite dark and very epic, the moment you heard it, it was really clear that party was about to get started.

6. Take Over (Original Mix) by Glitter

I must be honest, the first time i played this track, i was crapping my pants, i loved all the sounds, it instantly turned into one of my favorite songs, what can i say a great epic track. I guess is one of the tracks you keep thinking it will be a master piece in 5.1

5 Kinky Beats by La Baaz & Kara Mehl

This track is a master piece is the type of songs you either put when people need to dance more, or people just need to jumps out of their chairs and start dancing, and the name is pretty good, in fact you can dance pretty well Kinky beats with you couple vertically and horizontally. The only thing this track lets you wishing for, is actually seeing La Baaz dancing it hardcore, guess we will never had that chance.

4. Body Nation by Lutzenkirchen

Man i love the beat of this track, it sets me to dance, even if not moving, i now my brain is dancing to this masterpiece of a track, the only thing i found not so great about this track, is that is so good that few tracks are as good as this one, so mixing it can become a bit of a pain in the ass, if you dont really know well you playlist.

3. Little Patiece (Original Mix) D-Nox & Gabe

To be quite honest, i didn’t check the real potencial of this track until i listen to it, in big ass speakers. The beat is a monster, the track is so easy to mix, you don’t have to worry about. And i know, lots of you (friends) will think I’m a D-Nox fan, he had to be there, and yes i am, but lets admit it, the guy rocks, and when he is with Beckers, you better be ready cause they will be mixing at least 5hours. This track is an absolute beauty

2. Tarantula  (Original Mix) by Plesurekraft

Lets admit it, when this track came out, you wanted to cry, it was so good. And it was reflected very fast, i remember it being on a lot of Dj charts, and i think it was the number one in downloads in Beatport for some time, and I’m sure it made it to the top 10 in techno, is a must have track.

1. On Off (Original Mix) by Cirez D

When i first heard this track, i was having a real trouble finding out if it was real, or the Dj was going crazy, later on fortunately i heard the song in another party, and realize this beauty was a song, so i did a massive search in tracks and finally got to the song. This song is the best of this year for me, i got this sing on march, and since then i feel is epic. The remix made Sebastian Ledger is pretty good too. I a MUST have song. I recommend it to the max.

Well that is the month top MUST have tracks, at the end of september ill post, other songs you must have. Keep in mind that songs I’m putting in this list not necessarily have to be new, its just the song i believe you must have.

Have a great week.

And for the song “Before I Go” ill upload it at night, i forgot my computer and the file is in there >.<


~ por redxxxd en agosto 30, 2010.


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