This friday i will be uploading the file for the 3rd mix made during the competition and the last one i send. By now if you have both previous mixes you might realize that the last song the first mix is the same one as the first song from the second mix…. this was made un purpose i thought of making a long mix for my 5 years, RedMur is the last mix i have finished right now, im currently getting the songs for the fourth mix. After all the mixes are done, i will stich em together to make a huge mix, im thinking it will be closing to 7 hours, since the last mix will be longer.

This mix is really worth your time, i promise, is something im proud and is the new standard for the mixes that i am doing, closing in to all the precision i can. And keeping the party mood. In this mix i really tried to follow a bit the style of Fatboy Slim, particularry in the big beach boutique DVD, tried to look for songs like that, Big Beach Boutique has been an inspiration for me, i love that dvd, watch parts every now and then before a party.

Today finally the mix will be up, with the playlist and password, a couple of things this is my second greatest mix, is probably the new level zero for me to evolve, the mix focuses on being a party from the start, it jumps from genres, but sticks to house, techno, Tech-house and a bit of minimal, to be more of a contrast to La Mazcla, considering that this mix is the continuation to it. As said this is intended to be a mix made by 4 different mixes. This being the third one, i haven’t really decided how the mix will end, I’m considering to go into a more chill-out or conceptual electronic music, and jump from that to pure party beats, but to be honest from 350 different tracks i listened, i liked about 7 so far. I have another great mix ready, so for the people craving the mixes, there is some material for the 15th, but most likely the fourth mix will be released if i have it by the end of October.

Guys i will REALLY appreciate all the feed back i can get from you, this mix is really important for me to get an opinion, in basically everything, im taking mixing a bit more serious, because i have a lot to get done, so all is welcome, ALL.

Finally the next mix to upload is based on the three past mixes, (Before I Go, La Mazclea, RedMur) but is an updated version, keeping the best of all and adding some more. It has some special stuff, like mixing Emir Kusturica which was sort of a challenge at first, but now it is definitly something i will consider, the change is coming, the change to something greater, hope you all keep visiting to listen to it.

The  Playlist



The Password MurRed



~ por redxxxd en septiembre 30, 2010.


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