Future news and stuff

Guys i have to be honest i’m on finals in college and in some stressful times in the work. I haven’t been able to get the music, or even listen to all the new work, i have like 35 charts pending because i havent been able to get the music. If works keeps flowing like this i wont be able to upload any mix with new music, mainly because i dont have the music. On the other hand i started working on something personal. I have been listening a lot to “Los autenticos decadentes” and I want to mix em, probably with fabullosos cadillacs and any music i feel will fit the task.

I never done this before, in fact in Priux the change from progressive to Emir Kusturica and back to house with sexiest man in Jamaica. Was the first time i actually tried to work my ass on doing that, and i really liked it, so I’m willing to go ahead and make some new test with cheerful music.

I’m going to try to make time, in order to get some new music, i really feel I’m falling back, and have heard some great tracks, and some interesting charts. If I’m able to get at least 45 good songs i will try and make to mixes. But then again it all depends on the pressure and the free time i have.

The page has increases its daily views which makes me really happy, and i feel like im letting you down by not posting anything, so i will do my best, to get some music. This weekend it will be really hard. But who knows i might surprise you. In the mean time i remind you that you can hear my last mix in my soundcloud profile, just visit soundcloud.com/redxxx or you can download it in the link below. In the soundcloud page you can’t download the mix. The player is kinda of funky… i have been clicking play and it takes a while before it reacts, but be patient the track is actually there, and its the full track.

Anyway have a great one guys.



~ por redxxxd en noviembre 9, 2010.

3 comentarios to “Future news and stuff”

  1. I like you blog it great idear

  2. I like you blog I will wait to hear the songs you want to give you a valuable “I love you.


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