Guys finaly is here Priux… it took me a while to upload because i kept feeling the mix was incomplete so i had to find some songs that i felt would make the mix supreme. This mix once again varies in the genre in electronic, i’d say house is probably the main genre during the mix, it includes 30 songs in 1hr and 30 minutes. This mix is made for parting you brains out. As said before i worked on several stuff during the making of this song the main one was including a track that is not electronic at all, and is hard to mix because it goes to damn fast. The artist is Emir Kusturica and the song is called Unza Unza Times, it comes from his CD with the same name as the track. Mixing that track was a challenge, and i was enthusiastic about the outcome. The mix is pretty straight foward, keeps changing all the time in order to not being repetitive or boring, it has songs that we all heard, and that most of us know to go and sing along for the people who missed that in my mixes. Yes i read your comments and mails and even though i might not answer is not floating ideas trust me. The mix is divided for me in two main phases, the first hour of the mix, i more into a lot of rhythms, the second 30 minutes i concentrated more on tracks that people would easily remember and hopefully remind of great times, great old times.

I want to add im working now on a new webpage, with some player for you to stream my music, and on some more commercial material, because i been getting a lot that you want another mix like Casona one, with a lot of commercial songs, so yeah I’m working on it, so if you are a fan of Tiesto, David Guetta or song with rhythms like we don’t speak americano and miami beach, be sure to keep logging in the next two weeks, i will sure have some news.

Other than that I want to keep thanking you for your mails, and i want to ask you that if you have been pleased with any of the downloads or all of them, to share this song, this time i took the precautions of uploading it on low quality, (128kbps) I will send the (192kbps) by email, but you need to email me first at or And I’m sorry but the 320kbps mix i will only deliver it personally and for commercial purposes.
And im sorry to say this but i have download RedMur and Before I Go mixes from different webpages, which im fine, but with a different name, which I’m not fine at all.  So quality of the mix is my only defense from piracy.

Also i have been receiving some mails of uploading a Rar file with all the songs that i use for a mix. I have considered it, and tell you this i might do it, but i will only leave the link for 2 or 3 days. And then I’m closing it. But right now I’m not uploading any RAR file I’m still thinking about it, you see i don’t want to get in any trouble or get my accounts in direct downloads servers closed. But i will see in the future.

Anyway guys please do share this song, please do so im trying to build up a more solid fan base.

The playlist is

The password is Iwillenjoyit

And the a waited link right Here

Enjoy the song and SHARE IT


~ por redxxxd en octubre 25, 2010.


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