Before I Go

Finally the end of August is here, August was a great month in mixing, from June i believe i made some mayor improvements in my style. Tonight ill leave uploading the mix “Before I Go” this mix was recorder live at a private party i was invited with an extreme short notice, i was advice like 20 minutes before they picked me up. But fortunately it was a very fluent mix, and used it as my first demo in the Dj competition, it was accepted. This mix brings me back a lot of great memories, it was a mix that for my surprise made all the people in the party dance, and a lot were really into the music, also while doing this mix I met probably the sexiest amateur DJ i met in my entire life, because lets face it a girl with some big ass headphones that knows how to mix properly is quite a dream. The girl from the video of “Chica Bomb” by Dan Balan is a great example, makes you smile the whole video no matter the track really sucks. Anyway… This mix was very fluent, i often feel that there is a graph sort of the risk, income one. The more risk you play you have the chance of bigger earnings, but then again you are risking a bigger lose. In mixing i feel is the same, when you are practicing in your home, there is no risk so you tend to do try all the stupid and crazy stuf that comes into your head, and when it works well sometimes you have just found something unique. But when you are mixing live you tend to be very conservative, in order to make the least mistakes possible, if not to avoid all of them, and DJ do that a lot.

I had the chance to listen to really important DJ’s in a very short time, mostly  because they are invited to two big festivals, while they are in Mexico, and i recall feeling the mix a lot alike the past one. And i understand this, they are flying around a lot, and listening to new music, while traveling great distances to play it just like that in a show where you have a lot of people waiting for you, probably is not the best, what you want to do is get a great job done, and for that you tend to move to the terrain you have practiced. With that said, this mix i was doing so good, and was so happy and the people were so energetic, that i felt like i was on E, even though i was completely sober. So i took last minute decision that popped into my head, fortunately the mix was a success from beginning to end.

Now a bit about the mix, the mix is focused on making people party, it flows in the genres of techno, minimal and house. To be honest i focused on songs that this sick beat that is so loud is trembles, the type of beats that make the earth shake to its foundation. No… but really i looked for a really strong beat, but i was focused also on another thing, the mix had to change a lot, i tried that the song that was after the one playing was really different so you never felt bored. I try to be really precise with one song to the other one, and in fact there are some changes there that if i had been slow by a beat, it would have been a mess.

When i stopped the blog for a while i was concentrated on having a unique style of mixing, like a clear unique, its hard to talk about being unique when you are mixing, and not producing because pretty much any good DJ can make an almost copy of what you are doing, but i tend to defend that the style of Dj is a signature, and i wanted to make myself a different one, so i started working a lot on precision, and on the idea that all the music is material. And I’m keeping that. I believe this mix is the first of a new phase of what I’m teaching myself, and I’m glad to share it with you.

Hope you like the mix

NOTE THE PLAYLIST, FILE, AND PASSWORD WILL BE WRITTEN ONCE THE FILE IS UP. The mix will be uploaded in 192kbps, i won’t upload any mixes of 320 kbps unless they are requested and ill mail them personally; this is to try to avoid finding my mixes in other Dj forums. And i just want to ask you PLEASE DO NOT upload the file somewhere else, if people like it please give em a link to my page. Visits in the blog is what makes me keep a bit of track of how the general public is accepting my music.

The link is HERE

The password is RedgoXxx



~ por redxxxd en agosto 30, 2010.


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