La Mazclea

I’m uploading the next song, last weekend i didn’t cause it was Mexico Bicentenary so i went away to a trip, it was great… I’m not proud of out 200 years to be honest. Anyway… This song is the second version of an original called La Mazcla, fundamentally i chose to upload this version because, it was the real final version, and in the old mix, one song got repeated from the last mix “Before I Go”, this was something i notice later on after sending the mix to the tournament and i almost got disqualified, but fortunately i had the time to make and emergency mix and try to keep the essence of what the mix was really intended.

The mix was intended to be more tribal, rather than sticking to a solid beat like in Before I Go, i made to be sort of a mix for late night at the beach.

If you have been following the new mixes which has been one mainly “Before I Go” and “Aeris” you might find some parts in “Aeris” that are very similar to some parts in La Mazclea that is because in Aeris those were the parts i felt were really strong and worth taking to the mix for the competition. Also you might find that the last song in Before I Go is the same one as the start on La Mazclea this was made un purpose with the intention of joining 4 mixes together in a huge mix. Therefore La Mazclea is following were “Before I Go” finished, and will lead to the 3rd mix called RedMur, but more on that when i post RedMur.

I will be posting RedMur in 2 weekends starting this as cero. For me to have time to give the appropriate ending to this line of mixes, in which i have experimented way way more than before, had tried hard to make em almost perfect, and played with some new genres for me. Critism is more than appreciate as long as it is constructive. So please if you feel like sending a comment do so, they will stay anonymous. And i will answer to you personally rather than in public, so feel that you have the space and privacy to comment. Anyway guys the playlist is:

Playlist La Mazclea

The link is HERE


Enjoy, and please, please if you want to share my music, please re-direct people to the blog so i can keep numers on the downloads and have a clear view on which mix the the one you have liked the most. Share the page is faster than burning a CD 😉


~ por redxxxd en septiembre 23, 2010.


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