Ok for real what is next

Ok guys here is deal im finishing my semester in less than a month, but i seen i havent uploaded anything in more than a month, im leaving this weekend to a trip, i will try an mix if i have the time and patience. Because to be honest i want to mad party. But i have all the songs that i need for a really comercial mix. Which will include A LOT of Guetta, jesus his songs have been playing everywhere and all the time, so yeah after a hell of petitions of my friends, i will do it. The mix as said before will include really commercial songs, the We no speak americano of YBC, Van buuren, Tiesto, Dash Berlin, yeah all those guys. And afterwars im going to jump to a really really random mix, the idea in my head is something like “how about if we mix ska then we move to lounge, from lounge to house and then…” i havent quite figured it out, but im working on it. Been listening to a lot of non-electronic music latelly, im trying to cover some new ground in order to make something fresh and new. So by next week a 1hr mix will be up here. Then most likely i will be in the last push of my semester, but as soon as im finished, i will upload the mix im experementing with and 2 other mixes, one i have it already planned and im really looking foward to it, the other one well it really depends on my mood cant really tell.

So im going to get my ass up early tomorrow and mix at least for an hour to try and get something fresh out, if i do, ill upload it before i leave to school. If i dont wait for it on friday morning.

For the people who has been logging daily or every other day thanx… Remember to go to soundcloud.com/redxxx to listen to Priux i will be taking the song down by next week, so if you want to listen a bit of what i do, before downloading the whole song id go there. And remember that if you want priux on a higher quality to email me. to redxxxd@gmail.com i open that mail every like 3 days, so if i dont answer right away be patient, if i still dont answer i might have mixed up with all the shit fb send to your mail. So please send me another one. Thanx again



~ por redxxxd en noviembre 18, 2010.


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