Why pitbull is not an artist

When i hear the word reggeaton its almost impossible not to put a face of disgust, the word Reggeaton tends to automatically reflect the guys with the huge gold chains, and rings, wearing this shinny pair of glasses. Jumping like a monkey while usually girls with a fat ass dance around him. And i feel that is sad, because reggeaton can be pretty good, but we have accepted the repetitive rhythm, a have stuck with dancing this, because is mainly fucking in the dancefloor. And being quite honest i hate this. When I’m in a club, i kind of miss the terrible boy bands, or i want and tell the Dj to play that famous Lady Gaga song again for forth time in the night. Reggeaton keeps the same speed, and most of the time the same rhythm, and as i Dj that when you usually hear music you start bumping your leg to read it, is quite annoying. Mixing Reggeaton is not mixing, is just putting two tracks in different decks, press play at the same time, most likely you will get the feeling that the pitch is useless. But that is not what I’m mad about, what i strongly feel its completely out of the line, is what pitbull does. I remember clearly that when the song “I know you want me came out” i kept saying to the people that song already exists im sure of it, i have mixed it several times, but i didn’t had the fresh name of the song to show people.

And that song went to become the most heard song in the world. This was probably the greatest offense. And here is why, as Dj not a producer, you usually tend to go into Ableton, Cubase, Reason, or even Garage Band to modify, or add sounds or even repeat patterns of the song to buy yourself more time or to make it easier, to make a mash-up, or to simply have the song in a simpler way so you can concentrate in other stuff, like effects for example. But when you do that you don’t rename the song with a new name and name it yours, because is not, you just made a small modification. When songs are modified that actually follow a remix by another artist, when they get compressed is usually the radio edit, and when the vocals are taken out is usually dub. That is like a language when you are looking for an specific mix. But pitbull found something different to do, he just takes a song and plagiarize it, i went to an American School in Switzerland and i remember plagiarism was one of the biggest offenses you could commit, the chances of getting expelled where huge, i remember the second worst was escaping the campus or jumping to the girl dorm.

So it pretty much meant, doing plagiarism is some serious shit. And in school there was this council that decided, you gave your reasons and stuff, if you started a speech with i have dream, probably all the faces will go to you, and either you saw something extra or quote Martin Luther King Jr if not some serious shit would come your way. But if you said something like “excuse while i kiss the sky” probably many people wont realize that you are just quoting Jimi Hendrix, some will definitely, but a lot of them wont, so you wont get this massive flat face. Or the face that your are walking on deep shit, and both are plagiarism just in one case you chose a really really famous quote, and in other a famous quote. And that is the secret of success in my opinion of pitbull. I’m going to mention his two main songs, or at least the songs that here in mexico it got to a point that you lifted up the toilet and you would listen to the music.

The song “I know you want me” has way more history than what pitbull said. The song is originally taken from a song called Street Player by Chicago, and this song has had some other remixes, but later came a new song that took a part out of Street Player and was named 75 Street Brazil by Nicola Fasano and also made another track named “Samba Cafe Carnaval” If you listen to 75 Street Brazil is the exact rhythm of “I know you want me” But more over when the pitbull “song” start he is blabering something, he actually is saying. Im actually going to paste this, so you can search in any webpage.


Its Mr. 305 checkin’ in for the remix,

you know that S 75 Street Brazil?

Well this year gon be called Calle Ocho


Que ola cata, que ola omega

and this is how we gon do it


Isn’t that amazing he actually says the name of the original song, and then says that this year will be renamed Calle Ocho, laugh and then says this is how gon do it. And starts singing.

Man what kind of a so called artist does that and gets away with it.

Later came another hit called “Hotel Room” and this is not a complete rip off but is almost because it just keeps repeating the same pattern of a really famous song. The song is called “Push the feeling on” by the project Nightcrawlers was a hit on 1992, and remixes kept coming and coming making it a song that appeared once again in charts, and later on with the remixes the song by 2004 it was again really famous, and i do recall it by 2004 more and a bit by 1995, but by 2004 you will hear that song everywhere. But the thing that is an important variable is that a remix is not the same loop of the song while some drums are added. For real is the exact same loop for like a minute at the start and it just keeps coming, this is my opinion but i believe that if you start doing that, well at least you name it and say is your remix, is NOT A NEW SONG is a NEW REMIX.

Plagiarism i think is great crime, not because they tough it to me, but because it limits creative of the being, and a lot of people that are not creative get the spotlight of a guy who is trying out something new and unique and has the talent. I do believe that in music having good contacts is a great deal, speeds up many steps, and probably one of the hardest ones, but think the biggest challenge of all is starting a proyect from a blank page or an idea. And i know that I’m not the best example, but at least what i do is give the right to people to know which song do they like to look for it. I quote the DJ or producers i use for my mix. Is the least i can do.

I strongly believe that this kind of cases should be reviewed, because they are not making plagiarism out of great hits that a lot of people can tell right from the start. I’m thinking in electronic music if he started singing in the start of “Born Slippy” by Underworld.  People will start throwing stuff i mean that song has had a lot of remixes, and more keep coming and coming, or if he started singing on top of “Money” by Pink Floyd. We should not call this people artist, in any case the “I know you want me” song should be a featuring pit bull. It should be called “75 Street Brazil (feat. pit bull) by Nicola Fasano. and “Hotel Room” should be “Push the feeling on” (Hotel room rmx) Nightcrawlers vs or and pit bull.

Just my personal idea.



~ por redxxxd en agosto 5, 2010.


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