After the End

Guys i decided to keep this blog alive for a bit more time, to later re-direct to the actual web page. But Im going to make some variations from now on. I wont post mixes for some time, because Im still in this long competition. I have to make a 1hr 20min mix for next Sunday, and i have planned just like 30 minutes, Im actually starting to get nervous.

After when the competition is done, i will start uploading the mixes i made, all of them are 1hr 2omin, well a bit less, but they are made to fit in a CD. But this time ill take 2 to 3 weeks to upload them. And this is mainly because i felt that i was recycling a lot of tracks; and in order to put one mix a week well mixed and with new fresh tracks i had to listen to a lot of music before going after something.

I also felt that this blog was heading the direction were i just give a little introduction of the track, post the tracklist and the link to download it. And i feel strongly that if you are following a twitter or a blog, you like to read some content other than going to a straight download. That is why i felt it should be interesting to post my ten top tracks of the month, or my point of view of important albums i reviewed. Also to post a bit of what im working on, and the bumps i hit while trying to go on. And finally a bit of me, a bit of this crazy passion i follow and try to give as much time as possible to make the best out of it. What the passion of this is for me, and the sacrifices someone has to make sometimes.

Loving what you do and being able to share it, i think is a great content. So this blog is back alive, but for now bear with me this month, and hopefully by mid term september or by august I’ll share what i been working so eagerly to refresh my style and make it more challenging and more interesting in my point of view. I will focus mainly in 1hr 20min mixes for now, maybe when I’m not so busy ill upload a longer mix.

Thanx to all the people who keep logging, I’m amazed that after so few activity the blog gets some daily visits, you guys truly inspire me to keep going and not leaving a gap. I hope that this week i put some content and that i can keep sharing with you all.

After the end there is a light 😉


~ por redxxxd en agosto 3, 2010.


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