Pre- Trilon

Hey guys i been very busy the past few days with my work and searching for music, the thing is im working on a bad ass mix. And this time i wanted to get as close as a i could to perfection, by using the best tracks and the perfect timing. I been listening to a lot of new music to make this, and im going as fast as i can, im listening about 4 CD’s daily of new music.

Tomorrow i will add, Trilon. Trilon is a 2hr mix filled with energy and solid beats. I wont add a playlist this time, cause i haven’t made it, and i don’t know all the songs by heart, in fact few of them it was the first time i listen to them. But if you really really need the playlist please comment on it. If i get more than 5 comments i will be more than glad to upload it. I just want to reming you that the mix is mine all the songs in the mix are not mine.

Next week I’m not sure if i will be able to upload something probably during the weekend ill improvise a short 1hr 20min mix. Yet i cant promise anything. About the new mix im making the next week i will provide the first teaser, that contains the first 15 minutes of the mix. Followed by second teaser the next week of the mix at some point. Please keep in mind that the teasers just give you an idea of the songs i will be using, not necessarily how it is mixed, because that one i still need to figure it out once i have the tracklist ready.

Have a great week.


~ por redxxxd en mayo 5, 2010.


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