This the first test i did, a couple of weeks back, it was  meant to be just a test to see how i could move around from one genre to another. Its sort of crappy since it was literally my first test, and i recorded just have a general idea. Im posting this for you and for me, to get a more concrete idea of how im mixing, if its getting better of not. I will keep uploading mixes till Thursday of the next week, because im leaving to Veracruz to mix in the party.

I’m also attaching the flyer of the event for the people in Veracruz or Mexico who have interest of going.

The first mix link is Here

ill upload the playlist later on, just a fair warning I’m trying to mix new genres and they don’t necessarily have to be electronic music!

The links won’t have a password.


~ por redxxxd en enero 22, 2010.


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