Back or so

Hello everyone thank you for logging everynow and then, there hasn’t been any updates for a while now, but many thins had happened, i was offered a job to produce 1:30 minute songs for a tv show, but i didn’t got the job, i was close, but still didn’t get it. At first it was sad, but on the other side it was perfect because to be quite honest i don’t think im even close to a state where i can produce my music, specially when this has to be done in one day. O well hope something later comes up, but i will upload all the 3 tries i did, and the modification made to the song they liked. Also i had some mayor life changing deals, first off i quit my office job and decided to start my own business, which has been my dream for a long time, and i been working all i can on it.

Secondly i went to a long trip that i promised that i would do a about 7 months ago, it was a blast and i couldn’t ask for something better. Also i will be playing live the 29 of January on the night club Casona in Veracruz Mexico. So i been mixing a lot of really random things and practicing cause before this i was all electronic music, but that is changing hopefully something good comes out of it im hoping on that.

Im working on an experimental mix that will be unique so far i haven’t done anything remotely close to it, and i will take all the time i feel like till i feel i want to release it. All i can tell you by now is that the mix is going to be called Voyage and it will be the start of some seriously unique stuff made completely by me. And due the fact that my mixes are being linked in some pages this mix once its ready i will need you to email me for me to send you the password. The link will be in this page. I’m doing this to have and estimate of how many people are interested in my music, and now this through me. Hope you understand.

Other than that since the recent change of my life activities, i can’t promise mixes every week i will do my best to get some mixes up. Please understand that my business is my priority during the next 6 months. I even decided to take a break from university. And pretty much a break with anything that gets in the way. Finally one of the fans of my computer has had some issues and it still works but sometimes makes this really scary sound, and it has some sort of delay with the other fan so the computer sometimes tends to over heat, which is really scary since i dont have a full back up of my computer and to be quite honest i don’t have enough money to get a new MacBook so I’m taking some really speacial care of the computer and the capacity that i use of it for me to not over heat it before i get some money to repair it.

I will post during the week depending of how full of work is my week, take care you all


~ por redxxxd en enero 10, 2010.


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