Work and more Work

I been extremely busy this past week and i will be extremely busy on the next two weeks. See the thing is im on finals and i have to get the school with A grades because im on the line. I rather work right now full time on this to get the best grades i can. And then after once im done (Dec 4th) i will work on more updates. This weekend i’ll be most likely helding a party at my place and most likely will mix on it. And i will work on the weekend on mix. During the past 6 days i had my ears “blocked” or that sensation you get with the change of presure, and i haven’t been able to “unblock” em i’m strarting to go crazy.

I will try to make uploads this weekend, if not ill make up for everything but right now i need to put as first priority to finish this semester. Thank you for your comprehension.



~ por redxxxd en noviembre 19, 2009.


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