Thanx to all the people who have been logging in. I am going to upload a guest mix today by Valt.R. I’m going to give you a brief intruduction Valt.R is a good friend of mine he was my only student. He also has been my parthner to all the crazy raves. Specially the ones that are far from the city. I taugh him what I knew in about 6 months. But I feel the important part was given during his first 4 months by that time he was ok on his own. Now he is good but is for you to judge. I feel confident about mixing back to back with him in parties and I feel we have a good sense of beat so hope a surprise by both one day.

About me we’ll saying I’m busy I guess is now something normal. I’m mixing on a party this Saturday, and to be honest I started to feel a bit nervous and not so confident because of the audience. So I been experimenting a lot with trance, house, progressive house, and uplifting trance.

Also thanx to a really good friend of mine I been starting to experiment with some live instruments while I mix. I have nothing solid yet I’m still experimenting but some sweet stuff is coming out. Also I been working by popular demand on popper 2 so far that mix have been downloaded 345 times.

So I decided to make another song for sex. The only thing I’m not sure about is if I will make a hardcore mix to get you down to business real fast with no for play or a mix with a really smooth beat for making sweet sponing cuddling love. Or make a longer version of popper for the people who felt an hour 20 minutes is not enough. Imnot sure though so any feed back please let me know. And any suggestions I will love em too.

On next weekend I will upload a 3 hour mix named Core. I worked hard on that mix. And I’m thinking about making a new version of it more hardcore. But I’ll share this version and see what you think. On the party on Saturday I will not record and this is why. My computer is really low on internal memory and for some reasons mac computers get really slow. And since I will be working on turntables with some special CDs I want to keep the margin of the computer crashing or the computer becoming slow and having delays to the minimum.

But I will make a pre-mix for you to listen and enjoy. Finally I want to post a picture of a personalized portrait a friend of mine gave me. I really liked it and I’m more than proud to share it with you. Keep logging I will probably upload all my practices before I mix on Saturday.



Have a good week and an awesome weekend


~ por redxxxd en noviembre 4, 2009.


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