I will upload today a 2hr 20 min song made by Valt.R and me is not a serious mix but its a good mix, it was made in completely random day but it has a different thing it starts in trance and goes through a lot of genres and changes completely by the first 45minutes. There are still some tracks i don’t know the name well because i had to move some songs and made a mess in my computer which im trying to fix. So for the songs i don’t really know the name i will ask for patience by tomorrow hopefully i will know all the names.

Now a bit of news about me, i wrote in this post some weeks or even a month and some weeks that i was planning to mix in the Reynosa International Wakeboard Tournament. And i was, but i decided to cancel this date because the expenses of going there were to high and what i was going to get paid just covered half of the trip, so i decided to cut back expenses and look for another alternative. Also the week after that i was going to mix in Valle de Bravo in the National Wakeboard Tournament, but in this case it was my decision to change and not go because i was offered an opportunity the same weekend to mix in Veracruz in a night club and in a private party in a ranch. So thinking fully about it, i decided to go to Veracruz instead. Finally the weekend after that i will be going to Valle de Bravo to mix in a private party over the weekend. So for the people interested, i will live the 6th of November in Lemon Films down in Santa Fe mixing in the party, then i will travel de weekend of the 14 and 15 to Veracruz to mix in a night club and a private party and the weekend after that (20-21) y will be in Valle de Bravo. During this weekends i will try to upload on monday or tuesday the mixes i made on the weekends. I am right now on a point were i have so much stuff to do that i am practicing barely 1hr daily, and sometimes i can’t. The next week Valt.R is helping me out with a guest mix. Valt.R was my student long ago, so it is more than a pleasure to receive a mix from an ex student and for you to rate it, and rate me as a professor (lol). Anyway so today, in the afternoon the mix.

Finally to all the people who speak spanish (THIS IS A NEED) im currently starting a proyect with very talented people to support independent bands and Dj’s we are starting with news, bios, criticism about CD’s, events, and pretty much everything we feel is important. I will like to extend an invitation to you to enter this page and have a quick snap. Also if you are looking for what to do on the weekend or even a normal day, i recommend you the page, and all the comments you need. The page is indie-gente.com o click in the link here

Now in spanish


Esto es un parrafo en español de lo mencionado con anterioridad.  Estoy comenzando un proyecto con gente muy talentosa para ayudar, brindar soporte a bandas independientes y Dj´s. Estan comenzando con biografias, noticias, reseñas de CDs, eventos, y basicamente cualquier cosa que consideramos importante. Me gustaria extenderles una invitacion para que le den un ojo. Contamos con una agenda de eventos para quien le interese que hacer en el fin. Tambien ahi pueden mandarnos todos sus comentarios si son bandas agendar con ustedes entrevistas, para brindarles un espacio. la pagina es indie-gente.com o aqui esta el link.

In the future i will probably write in english and spanish the posts but i have to find the time, i write them in english  because most of the visits are from europe or somewhere like that, because most of the visits are while im sleeping. But in the future i will try to make the post in english and spanish, take good care everyone hope your week is not so f**king stressful like mine.



~ por redxxxd en octubre 28, 2009.

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  1. Hey there everyone i was just introduceing myself here im a first time visitor who hopes to become a daily reader!

  2. Hey everyone just wanna say hello and introduce myself!


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