New songs, What to expect of this month

I will upload a mix today it is just 35 minutes long, it was made as a persona request. For the first time ever i decided to enter the complex world of the “electro pop” So i was to make a mix of Owl City and Swimming with dolphins. What i can tell you is that this was extremely difficult and represented a lot of time. I’m going to comment why if someone in the future decides to do this. First the BPM are completely random i started with a bpm of 76 and the last song has a bpm of 125 i was going “up” all the time, so you can imagine there were jumps that had to be made of like 12+ bmp, now this usually can happen when you are jumping from techno or minimal usually the range goes from (125-132) but you can still mix a track lower than that with one of trance that usually is (132-140) because you add the beat, or the other song the start is not so difficult to get into. But the problem here was that all the songs were seriously affected with speed, to top that even though you have a beat, there are stronger things to consider like, the melody, and harmony with the song. And finally the vocals, all the songs have vocals that represents a problem in two things specially, one in the bpm, if you start accelerating a song with vocals, the vocals tend to sound funny, more “squirrelly” like so you have to find the time and hope it doesnt go bad. And secondly you can’t loop voice, well you can but when you have a guy singing not the same thing, making a loop most likely will sound weird.

In conclusion, it took a lot of time this personal request, more than i thought definitely and it would have taken more if i decided to make it superb, but still i made a promise and i tried to respect it, i tried to make something better than an ipod and itunes. Tried to make something unique and put my creative mind and effects during the songs in progress. Some of the songs have some heavy effects on them, and they might differ from what they sound like normally and still sound ok. This effects are mainly delays, brakes, reverbs, phasers, and filters in order to make the songs fit for the next song.

Now about the mix. First of all, i want to say thank you for the music Allen it worked a lot and helped on the process, also sorry i didn’t included any songs from Swimming with Dolphins. I am uploading the track as we speak, but i have a lot of work to do so i won’t do the playlist not at least until the afternoon were i have some more free time.

Here is a really important point the second song on the electro pop mix is named “Upwstairs” is an amazing song that i found for free in as part of an animation. Later on i heard that the song was not anymore a free download because the artist named Kingbastard had made albums already under the label Herb. Since i support this artist a lot and have a lot of respect to him and his music. If i get a comment that i need to put the mix out of the page i will definitely do so, and there will be NO REPOST. I fully understand this, hope you do too. Please visit Kingbastad’s page here, or his myspace here and support this superb artist from the UK

Moving into the next mix, on saturday was on my house, he made a mix with me under the nick name Wally but now he has found his Dj name which is Valt.R, so we started by recording a test drive on the Mix i made for Tequesquitengo (The full mix) but later got bored and decided to move it to a more fun terrain. That mix is 2hrs 20minutes long and i had to cut it to that time which i really didn’t wanted but i had to go to a concert, so there was nothing to do. I will upload that mix tomorrow, i want to make the playlist and upload the archive.

Finally i want to announce that do the lack of time i have during the first weeks of November, because of the 3 live dates i have out of the city, that i will be concentrated a lot on listening to new music, i will try to make an upload or 2 each week, but it really depends because i need to listen to a lot of new music. And also I’m having some issues in my job, it is just becoming a lot to do a week. So for today, the electro pop mix, and ill try to upload the mix of me and walter to post in tomorrow or today late night. I will work this week on one final mix with some new tracks of minimal, techno, progressive getting ready for Reynosa, then next week im going back again to house, electro, trance, chill out to get ready for Veracruz, and the week after that i will plain be experimenting with some musicians and some live intruments to get ready for Valle de Bravo.

Lastly i been seeing that some of you people enter the 3 Headed Monkey team, please leave a comment there is there is an ulpoad not working, i will do the re-post just please let me know which song is it, or the title of the post so i can solve this as fast as i can. Thank you for visiting the page, have a great week.


~ por redxxxd en octubre 26, 2009.


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