Tequequitengo Mix

I had a really busy week, but i will be uploading the full mix today. I haven’t done it, but i will work on it all afternoon, I’m thinking the mix will last at least 2hrs i have a lot of tracks i want to get in there. But keep in mind that i will start most likely this mix by 5pm Mexico time, and once finish i will start the upload, so by night it will be up so you can party with it, thanks to all the people that keep logging on a daily basis. I will do my best to get some content on, tomorrow i will be mixing at a private party and i will upload the mix. Walter (Wally) will be there,  so probably we will mix something together. I will record it, and i will post it the next day, or the day after, it will be sunday, its gods days. Lol. But i will keep you posted.

Take good care


~ por redxxxd en octubre 16, 2009.


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