Ok. This was a pretty good weekend but it was weird let me tell you why. On friday night there was a storm and not an average storm, it was crazy. I was scared of driving in the storm and i had a fully equipped truck, and couldn’t see a thing for you to have an idea. The next day when i got to the tournament the people in charge of the audio where going crazy.  The problem was the next one, the gear, at least the speakers where wet. So i really tried to set the speakers but the sound was terrible. It came to a point where i was so frustrated i actually stopped playing, saying sorry to the organizers but i was in a point where i rather not sound,  that sound that bad. Besides since the speakers got wet there was i high chance of me blowing the speakers so i decided not to play at all. On sunday the speakers where still wet so i didn’t play. I did mix thought but in a totally different party in a birthday party tequesquitengo in huge house with some amazing sound.

Coming back to the mix in i made a pre-mix, for people in the tournament to have an interest. I will upload the pre-mix today. And i will make the real mix, i mean i made a promise. So i might as well make it. The proper mix i will do it my house during this week when i have time. I have a good friend of mine in my house as a visit so I’m trying to make her stay as pleasant as possible. So no mix live for this tournament, but in the future we have two more dates to cover, starting on the first week of November I’m going back to Reynosa to mix in the International Wakeboard Tournament, and then the next week I’m going to Valle de Bravo to mix in the last stop of the National Wakeboard Tournament. So no official live mix this week, nature just didn’t felt like. But hopefully this never happens again. I will upload the Tequesquitengo pre-mix and just i want to say in advance i had to cut it to 1 hr because i was really short on time, sorry for the last change but it was a huge bpm jump the original mix, won’t sound that crappy, but it gives you a general idea on what i will be working on.

Finally i want to make another announcement i received a mail from a friend i met in forum trying to solve some computer issues to make a video. The point is he made me a request to make a mix, about artist i personally have never heard, but i will try to do my best to make this mix and load it up for him and all of you. By doing this I’m saying I’m open to request of any type, i want to make this blog an amazing blog, and work later on, on a web page. So if you want a personal mix made, I’m open for suggestions, but i need you to send me proper information about the tracks and stuff, and also give me time, because i also have my personal projects. I’m taking this project because i find it as a proper challenge, and i will work on making something, and hopefully in rocks. Keep visiting the page recommend it!!! You guys are doing an amazing job.

Have a good week


~ por redxxxd en octubre 12, 2009.


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