Here it if, the first 3hr+ mix. Before going any further i will give you the instructions of how to get the mix. Due to the size of the file that is almost 500mb, i can’t upload it as a single file. So i had to split it in 5 parts. To get the mix you need to download ALL the parts if you are missing one the mix won’t open. Once you’ve gotten the 5 parts you have to merge them together. This is really simple in mac you can use Unrarx or simplyrar both aplications are free. And when you click the part one, they will automatically look for the next one and merge it together. Keep in mind that it is important that you keep all the parts in the same folder for the program to find them automatically. If not you will have to manually search for the second and third and so on. In PC i don’t own one, but im sure win rar will work, and most of the computers have Winrar if not get it. All the parts will share the SAME password. If for some reason it asks you again, you can just put the same password and the file will continue.

I uploaded this mix with an amazing quality 320 kbps. In the future in order to make it easier and less heavy the download i will upload the 3 hr+ mixes with 256 kbps but if you want the 320 kbps version you will have to email me, and i will answer you with the links in order to get the mix. This mix has some mistakes but still is really really solid. I worked on making this mix  for a lot of time, there were at least 9 different versions of the track. I uploaded this one that was one of the best ones.

If you liked the mix Amnesia, you SHOULD get this mix, this is the bigger version of amnesia, amnesia was the preview of what demencia was going to be all about, and as the name says, the mix is made to be crazy, you will find out what i say when you listen to it.

I enjoyed this mix for a long long time, until i started working on Core which im still improving, but i haven’t had the time to make a full run of Core. What i do is i don’t mix by parts and then joined them together, i find that really unprofessional. And i will explain why, first off, merging parts might sound like shit or have some glitches one wants to avoid at all cost. Secondly if you are going to dj for 3hrs you need to train your ear, because believe it or not at least in my case the more time pases, the more tired you get, and the chances of making a fatal mistake increase, never the less i feel that a Dj or at least myself i want to be trained to make 5hr+ mixes. I actually have 2 of those mixes, but i won’t upload them, at least not for now. So the main thing is all the 3hr mixes i upload are made continuos non stop. There are full days i have to dedicate to mixes like this. What i usually do is work on the mixes that i believe can have a certain risk and try to learn them, or feel them to a point were i can know from ear when i have to react. And sometimes i do know that by the time im doing it, it has a potencial risk, because i started late, or to early. I wan’t to avoid that at all costs too.

Usually i have a policy too, if i mess up badly before an hour 30 minutes i restart, is a mess up past this time i use the mix as experimentation and try new stuff, and different mixes. This mix i believe has two mistakes that aren’t fatal but i don’t like them, i say sorry in advance but what i can tell you is that unless you are paying attention you won’t hear em, so the mix is perfect for a party.

In the track list i don’t know the name of  2 songs, i will work on finding them for you on the next week and not posponing any further the mix. the tracklist is:

Intro (RedXxx Edit) Sasha Global Underground San Francisco [UK] Disc 1
Afterhours Deadmau5 At Play CD
United Nations Duca Afterdark
Beefcake (Lemon Popsicle Remix) D-Nox & Beckers Beefcake
Boot Cut (Original Mix) Format: B Steam Circuit
Like You [Supermayer Mix] Gui Boratto Like You
Control (Original Mix) Dataworks Control
Error di Sistema Dj Simi
Crazy Madness (the name is to long) P. Ritch, D. Squillance, M tabucchi Sampler
Something For Your Mind D-Nox & Beckers City Lights
24 Bit Bleep (Kanio Remix) Difi 24 Bit Bleep
Untitled Mika Vaino Ritchie Hawtin Remixes
Touch Me (Bart B More Remix) Bingo Players & Chocolate Puma
The Cat (Crookers Remix) Dusty Kid The Cat__The Kitten
Paperboy (D-Nox And Beckers Rmx) Lutzenkirchen City Lights
Es Klebt Noch Morgentau In Deimen Haar Dominik Eulberg Es Klebt Noch Morgentau In Deiman Haar
Sonar Room (Original Mix) Gabe Amnesia / Sonar Room
Toronto D-Nox & Beckers City Lights
Black Smoker Piermont
Minimaland (Original Mix) Alex Young Minimaland
?? ?? ??
I Want To Sleep (Original Mix) Dj Koze Let’s Love
Fractions (Original Mix) Gruber, Nuerberg Fractions EP
Something Suitable Format: B Steam Circuit
Jouster Marc Houle Sixty Four
Diablo (Original Mix) Oliver Huntemann & Dubfire
If U Like (Original Mix) Nick Curly & Reclick If U Like
Drugs And Stuff (D-Nox And Beckers Remix) Eric Entrena and D Unity Drugs And Stuff
What You Say Is More Than I Can Say Ricardo Villalobos 24:7
Everything Counts (Oliver Huntenmann & Stephan Bodzin Dub Depeche Mode Mute Records Ltd. PLCD BONG 3
Kick Me, Shake Me Sun Control Species Scienza Nuova
Lord of the land Cyclone Big Beach Boutique II
Enjoy The Silence (Sun Control Species Rmx) Wrecked Machines
Body Languange (Tocadisco Remix) M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade
Born Slippy (Joe K vs Beto Dias Remix) Underworld
Frequency (Miles Dyson Remix) Slyde
Grindhouse (Dubfire Terror Planet Remix) Radioslave
Wortkabular (Original Mix) Robag Wruhme Wortkabular
Look at that Homerun City Lights
Church of Nonsense (Original Mix) Daniele Papini Pixel and Church of Nonsense
Super Skunk (Deadmau5 remix) Noir Super Skunk
Move for Me (Extended Mix) Kaskade & Deadmau5 Move for Me WEB
its like my bodyrox (dani I mashup) Run DMC vs Bodyrox
Apple (Bart B More Remix) Sander Van Doorn Apple
?? ?? ??
Disco de Janeiro (I Like This Mix) Space Drums Bomba Total
Mama Say Mama Sa Delano & Crockett’s “Bootie” Remix The Caramel Club Visa for Ibiza Classics
Positive (Amo & Navas Rework 2008) Les Schmitz, D. Amo and J. Navas
No no no feat. Roxanne Wilde – D.O.N.S. & DBN Remix Milk & Sugar
No Deputy feat. Bob Marley Dub Vocal Richard Grey No Deputy

I want to thank you all for constantly visiting the page, ask you to recommend the page. Also petitions, comments, suggestions, questions, anything feel free to comment in the page. I don’t post comments i just read them and take them as feedback, if you want to ask me something in a more personal matter so i can talk to you e-mail me at and i will answer you mail as soon as possible. Help me make this page better, help me make mixes you like more so i can have a better idea about my audience.

And finally one extra thing lately people have been finding the blog by typing in google “redxxx” the blog is on the 6th position of the first page of results, if you keep doing this an entering my blog you automatically are helping the blog to stay on that place or climb up which is even better. So please keep doing lets try to get me to the 3rd spot. Make the blog easier to find.

Anyway thank you very much you made me very happy, thank you for your mails, your comments and feel free to email me, and i will try to answer you ASAP. This weekend i won’t upload anything I’m wont  be in Mexico City but, what i can tell you for sure is that next week i will upload the Tequesquitengo Mix. I already have a huge post that says record the mix from the start and save the playlist so the upload can be done faster. Tequesquitengo mix is planned to be a mix for the hanging out in the sun and enjoying the pool, lagoon, tournament, and cold beer in your hand i will be doing it most likely of trance, house and electro, some chill out maybe I’m not positive. So for the people who enjoyed Rexona Men mix, please be sure to get this mix, because this will be the improved version.

Have a great weekend. And i’ve decided to send mass emails, to people with news about the post for your commodity. If you want to be on this list please send me and email to with a message telling me to add you to the mail list. And everytime i make a post WITH A SONG ill e-mail you. As well as important notices that i feel you should know. Help me make this blog more comfortable to you. 😉

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

the password is Iwanttoblowmyhead

Have an awesome weekend


~ por redxxxd en octubre 9, 2009.


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