As we speak

Currently as we speak I’m uploading songs for you to download, i will most likely leave my computer overnight, uploading the songs I’m missing. I will make an update everyday starting as off tomorrow to the end of the week. I made the mix with Wally and we had some issues by the 2 hrs of the mix. I really got stressed out about it, but nevertheless we have discussed a re-make tonight. The mix was made in the following way. We select tracks of different playlist’s we had, and we mixed 3 tracks each. We never did discuss why 3 each. Most of the time it was one or two when we played at parties, but i felt (and this is just me) that three tracks is excellent for changing the genre you are mixing, supporting it with another nice track, and then change it again, or make it even stronger, is perfect for increasing or slowing down the BPM, and then returning to the original, and more over 3 tracks is excellent for sending a clear message of “I feel this would sound nice” or “i feel is time for”

Overall the mix felt solid, i liked it a lot until the fatal crash in the end, because it keeps you in the right mood and i believe that mix would made a party pretty happy. I will upload the messed up one, if you want it. But i don’t think i will upload it before the new one we are making tonight. This is because at least for me and my mixes i like things done properly, and i want the first duo mix in my blog to be something with quality. Because you deserve it, and i want to achieve it. But later after we upload we can later upload the previous so you can compare.

Well that is all. Uploads tomorrow, for sure. 1 upload a day, till the end of this week. For the people in Mexico D-Nox is coming the 02 of october, so this friday. In my very personal opinion he is a beast. Last time he was amazing. And im hoping this time to be as great. So if you are interestes you can get the tickets on Astral Freaks stores, i think the price is 190 pesos. Have a great week.


~ por redxxxd en septiembre 28, 2009.


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