It is a great pleasure for me to announce a lot of stuff. First im ready to come back and upload music !!! Also i have my iphone so this weekend i will have some heavy uploads for next week. Yesterday night i finished a mix made for two purposes, one to see if i get a job, and second as a present for a friend of mine who has supported my music for a while. This mix i really really enjoyed it, and found it different from the rest, because it does mix a lot of genres, and really really progressive. I will upload it, on Sunday.

Today i will make a mix different, a mix with a  friend of mine, i tough him, what i knew back then about mixing, and now he has been working on him own. He isn’t sure about his Dj name so for now he will be referred to as Wally.  The mix we are making has no playlist so far is it will completely an improvisation of him and me alternating to the mix and working together when the mix needs more than two hands. That mix, will be uploaded also on Sunday or on Monday, and it will be a pleasure if Wally can make the explanation with me of what we felt the mix was.

Also Reynosa mixes (i haven’t forgotten) i will try to upload them this weekend or at least the partial one, that was mixed live. But for today i won’t upload anything because after mixing Im going to watch Gui Boratto. =)

And finally i will upload 2  3 hr mixes. So get ready for Edge mixed live at Reynosa the past year. with no headphones… and then Demencia made this year, actually Demencia is the big mix of Amnesia. So by the end of next week most likely there will be 5 mixes up. and around 11 hrs of bad ass music. I will continue to work on the mixes and try to catch on with the previous uploads. I wan’t to thank you all again for supporting my music. And for keep visiting the page constantly, if you like it recommend it, i will apreciate it a lot.

Take good care, have an amazing weekend.


~ por redxxxd en septiembre 25, 2009.


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