Wakebord Tournament

2 quick announcement, the first one the party that i mixed saturday night, i never recorded, which is quite sad since i mixed with another friend of mine, and one who used to be my “student”, he goes by the name “Wally” if he comes on with a blog ill link it. But on the other hand the mix got interrupted like 3 times because the of the birthday song. I will try the week after this on a weekend to get together with him to make a 3 hr mix. Now i didn’t got my iphone too =( so ill have to wait to upload the 3 hr song. And finally a good news, i got a confirmation from the people of the tournament that the mix will be mainly minimal (which i love) so i will be rehearsing daily. And uploading them the next day. So ill try if i have time to upload another mix, and will upload at least 4 mixes before i leave friday afternoon to Reynosa. They will all go into category X as “On way to Reynosa”or something like that.

I will try to make an upload today, i cant promise anything.


~ por redxxxd en septiembre 7, 2009.


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