Popper (4play Mix)

Finally! this mix is quite famous at least for the ones i have made, is quite recent too… This mix is made for sex. I made it for a good friend of mine, then weeks after gave it to friends of mine who wanted to “test it”. Many of the people who tested this CD told me it had the right mood and insisted so much that I tried it on. And i found it amazingly good.

This mix later on gave me ideas of to make a mix to make love and later on work on another mix make for f*cking. And later on well is one of the categories because of the likeness of the people that listen to it, but if you don’t want to use it for that purpose there a lot of recreational activities you can do with it (lol)

Anyway I’m pleased to share this mix with you all, I hope this mix works great to fit in the mood for whatever you want to do.

The playlist is:

Trans Fatty Acid Lamb The Best of Café del Mar (Disc 2)
Café del Mar Nacho Sotomayor Café del Mar Dreams
Come Back Jose Padilla The Best of Café del Mar (Disc 2)
Eastern Song A Man Called Adam Café del Mar Dreams
Troubled Girl  [Spanish Version] Karen Ramirez The Best of Café del Mar (Disc 1)
Play Something Smooth Shock Bukara Corporama
Move for Me (Extended Mix) Kaskade & Deadmau5 Move for Me WEB
Push my Bass Willy San Juan vs Mochico Feat. Clara Da Costa Sector Beat 100.9 Vol. 2 (Disc 2)
Attention Whore (Original Mix) Melleefresh And Deadmau5 Attention Whore
Fuck Me Noir Pres. Black Magik Sector Beat 100.9 (Disc 2)
Hey Baby (Adam K Dirty Remix) Deadmau5 vs Melleefresh At Play CD
Ecstasy ATB No Silence
For An Angel (Ashtrax Fallen Mix) Paul Van Dyk For An Angel CDM
Perfect (Perfecto Remix) The Smashing Pumpkins Greatest Hits And Remixes (Unmixed)
Music Matters (Axwell Remix) Faithless Music Matters CDM
White Sand (Highoon At Salinas Mix) Sunlounger

The password is Pop

The mix is HERE

I want to add a couple of things, the first one, is now that we have almost 10 mixes up, if you can send me as a comment which mix did you like the most, so i can have an idea, i will thank you a lot. Another thing is i decided to start producing my own music. I’m working a lot on different classes and experimenting a lot, so far im pleased with the process, but i want to ask you, if you live in Mexico City and have old music boxes, or kids toy pianos, i would thank you a lot, if you could send me an email to redxxxd@gmail.com and their we can arrange something out for you to lend for a couple of days the piano and the music box. I can’t offer you money in exchange Im saving up for my DJ gear, but i can offer you a personalized mix if you want to.

Also i want to announce that Im sending this week and the week after some really important mixes that will define probably my next presentations for the next three months, Im really exited and nervous at the same time. And finally as a contact im adding my facebook to you all, i normally announce on facebook and msn when a mix is up, if you want to follow the blog closer.

And finally last weekend the blog hit the most visits since it was open. I want to thank you because of this, and i want to thank you all that search in google for my blog. In facebook look for this mail dv.redXxx@gmail.com

I will start uploading tomorrow the series of mixes before the tournament. The genre’s of the mixes will be, tech-house, techno, minimal, minimal tech, progressive, and some house mainly. With some other genre’s but you can get the big picture.

Have an amazing week!


~ por redxxxd en septiembre 7, 2009.


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