First off, i want to thank all of you, the blog is going stronger now.I want to ask you if you please comment if you can, for me to have a better understanding if you like so far my work, or ways of making it better. Second im been having one of those weeks where by 5 pm your are brain dead but nevertheless ill try to make a new mix today in the afternoon. I been working a lot on listening to music, and making a playlist selection for the future mixes. I been having some comment on the 3 hr mix session. What i can tell you for sure is that it wont be out before friday, and that i won’t release without the playlist. this is for two fundamental reasons, one is for people who do enjoy the song, buy the original one. And secondly for people to learn about new artist, and stuff.

Im pleased to announce that while writing this post i got a confirmation as Dj in the International and National Wakeboard tournament on the 12th and 13th of september in Reynosa Mexico. I don’t know yet what i will be mixing, it depends a lot on the audience and the time. But ill keep you posted and maybe upload a pre-mix.

Im announcing also that i will be working on a chill-out mix mainly because i want to expand a bit the concept of RedXxx but also because i been getting some comments on a mix of chill out session. I’m uploading a small pre-mix. This mix will be part of the Popper series. And it will the smooth love making spoon huging one.

It’s a really small playlist but:

I love you (late night mix) Blank & Jones Erotic Lounge 4 – Bare Jewels
Some things are just the way they are ATB Trilogy
Danger of Love Dj Krush & Zap Mama Erotic Lounge 4 – Bare Jewels
Café del Mar Nacho Sotomayor Café del Mar Dreams

This will be the only song, not locked in with a password. For you all to enjoy.


Keep having a nice week. 😉


~ por redxxxd en septiembre 2, 2009.


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