Mison (Amnesia)

Ok first of, sorry for the late post but i been having an amazingly busy week, kind of frustrating too. Second im making an upload of an 1hr 30min mix aprox. I know im supposed to uplod a 3hr mix. But the one i want to upload is so old that (like a year and a half) that i really dont know the playlist. I do know most of the tracks are of Sasha and Digweed, it was sort of a tribute since the people in the tournament were liked their music. This mix was made for the Reynosa International Tournament on the river. It was quite an amazing party. Anyway, since i dont know the tracks im waiting to get my iphone with a sweet aplication that tells you the track with 10 seconds of the song playing. If anyone is interested on the name of this program please let me know. At my contact mail or leave a comment.

Now this track… I’m quite pleased with this track, i worked on finding the proper songs for it for a long time and worked on 5 different combinations of all the tracks trying to find the proper sound, also this song was a mayor change in my style a lot closer to what im working at, or what i like to mix more. Out of the 5 mixes i left 2 with little variations in the playlist. I will upload first this one, because im considering that probably is the best one, later on i will upload the other one, but i repeat there are few modifications, some extra tracks, and is pretty much the same.

This mix later on inspired a 3+ hr mix. Which i later will upload. I really hope you all like this mix. Stands closer to what i like,listen and more likely mix. The tracklist is:

24 Bit Bleep (Kanio Remix) Difi 24 Bit Bleep
Untitled Mika Vaino Richie Hawtin Remixes
Touch Me (Bart B More Remix) Bingo Players & Chocolate Puma
The Cat (Crookers Remix) Dusty Kid The Cat/ The kitten
Sonar Room (Original Mix) Gabe Amnesia / Sonar Room
Toronto D-Nox & Beckers City Lights
Black Smoker Piemont
Minimaland (Original Mix) Alex Young Minimaland
Jouster (Original Mix) Marc Houle Sixty Four
Born Slippy (Joe K vs Beto Dias Remix) Underworld
Frequency (Miles Dyson Remix) Slyde
Grindhouse (Dubfire Terror Planet Remix) Radio Slave
Blow up hijack remix Blatta Inesha
Mama Say Mama Sa (Delano & Crockett’s Bootie Remix) The Caramel Club Visa For Ibiza Classics #2
Positive (Amo & Navas Rework 2008) Les Schmitz And David Amos and Julio Navas
Something Suitable Format B Steam Circuit
No No No Feat. Roxanne Wilde – D.O.N.S. & DBN Remix) Milk & Sugar
No Deputy feat. Bob Marley – Dub Vocal Richard Grey No Deputy

One i get all the songs of the 3 hr mix i will upload it. More likely that will be in 2 weeks. If i have time, i will upload another mix sometime in the next week. This mix will not be an old one, but a new one for you all to listen what I’m working at right now. I wan’t to thank again all the support and feedback. Have a nice one

The password is Amnesia

And the link can be found here


~ por redxxxd en agosto 27, 2009.


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