As a result that futre mixes will vary a lot on the genres used i decided, to open for the time being 4 different categories i will be working on. The first categorie will  be the “Popper” which mainly i will concentrate on making mixes made for having sex.

Then i will start another one called “T” for the trance and house mixes or more over for the mixes that include music that is really famous. (Like the Rexona Men Mix).

I will work on another category called “X” now this category, i found to be nice to keep this page up with more content. What i will do, is everytime i record, i will upload the mix, it wont have a name, and it wont have the playlist. But it will give a clear idea of what i have in mind for the my next mix. And more over if you feel like commenting in order for me to have feedback if you like what im working on, or not. And Finally i been working for a long time now in a series of mixes that will define sort of what i really love in electronic music. This category will take a lot of time, because i want that what i love to sound the best. But what i will try is before making the 3 hr or longer mix. To put a mix of 1hr 20min at the most for people to have an idea of what im working on. This Category will be reffered as “it all starts with”

Now by doing this i will still try to have a proper mix in one of the categories, if by some reason i don’t, most likely in the X category will be a lot of mixes. With a small description of what to expect out of it.

Finally i want to thank all the people who log and download music, to be honest the blog is going better than i expected. And i will work on to make it even better.

Have a nice week probably a new mix this week, followed by the 3 hr mix.


~ por redxxxd en agosto 25, 2009.


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