The Last Days of Equilibrium

This is the first mix i rememeber being proud off, a mix i found enjoyable. It was made about 2 years ago. With a really old application. A really simple one. I think it was called Djay or something like that never the less, it help me a lot on the process i believe.

The mix is not about an specific genre in fact, banco de gaia, still is one artist i cant define his genre, probably experimental is the best deal. I recommend a lot Banco de Gaia. In case you like the songs and want more of them, he has like 10 CD’s i have 7 of them, and trust me when i say, Banco de Gaia is absolutely worth to listen. The webpage here.

Anyway back to the mix: the playlist is

Happy pills Younger Brother The last days of gravity
We all know the truth (you have god) Banco de Gaia Farewell Ferengistan
Embracing the sunshine BT Involver Selected Remixes 92-03
Even Dwarves Start Small Younger Brother A flock of Bleeps
Gulf Breeze (Sasha’s Afroshashoz Mix) Eat Static Involver Selected Remixes 92-03
Out of control [Sasha’s Club Mix Instrumental) The Chemical Brothers Involver Selected Remixes 92-03
In a State [Sasha Remix] Unkle Involver Selected Remixes 92-03
Obsidian Banco de Gaia 10 Years

The mix is about 1hr20min

You can download it here

and the password is ledredxxx

Enjoy and if you feel like comment


~ por redxxxd en agosto 3, 2009.

Una respuesta to “The Last Days of Equilibrium”

  1. No conteste el mail pero aqui estoy


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